Friday, August 2, 2013

A Girl's Guide To Life - A Review

Last year my in law, who has a teenage daughter almost passed out when she read the young girl's diary. All the details about the boys in her class who had "Asked her out" in person and over the phone and how she wanted to start experimenting with different hair styles since one of them complimented her when she carried big twists to the end of term party etc. 

She really didn't want to be the nasty mum who reads her daughters diary and hangs all of her private thoughts to bare so I suggested she get her A Girl's Guide to Life to spark up all the "relevant" topics that her mother was so concerned about.

A Girl's Guide to Life offers girls a fun, healthy approach to facing their teenage years. It might be a little difficult to get some to read, but with a little encouragement, it would be well worth it. The book covers topics that teenage girls need guidance on such as self esteem, romance, sex, peer pressure, and much more.

This complete resource helps teenage girls deal with all the traumas, dramas, and triumphs in their lives. The book is divided into Body, Mind, and Soul sections to address the relevant issues in each area of a young woman’s life. It’s "the" book for any girl wondering what’s happening to her body, soul, and mind during these crazy years.

It includes information on texting, sexting, and the viral cultural in which teens live, this book will help girls navigate their way through what can be a very tumultuous time in life.

With conversations with real teen girls, a foundation on God and the Bible, and helpful tips and questions for the reader, girls will gain an encouraging and fresh perspective on their lives.

A Girl's Guide to Life offers teen girls aged 12-18 a new approach to facing their adolescent years.

By Ijeoma Olujekun

*For Those in Nigeria, this book is available at Laterna Ventures.

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