Thursday, August 1, 2013

Religion can't save us. Only Love can.

Wouldn’t you love if you could peel off the skin that guides people’s hearts and thoughts were as clear as writings on a paper? I bet you hate how being human keeps one limited and all one can see are opaque heads. Do you ever desire an unguided journey through where the darkest secrets are kept and where the most brilliant of ideas are conceived? What if you are obliged a trip through the human mind, would you tell others the absurdities held inside? Would you play God or would you be forced to understand that we are all the same. Enveloped in the rot that eats us all away? Driven by greed and fierce survival.

What makes us us? Who makes the rules on this field? Who decides what is right or wrong? Who is sane enough to make sense of all the chaos we have created? What is all these craze about religion? If rapture were to happen now, would any of us be saved?

If we're played tapes of the lives we lived after death, would we be proud of who we're ? Are we right to judge others by their beliefs?

If we all are of the same race, religion and family, would discrimination cease to exist?

I believe the mind is all there is to us all; it should be guided very carefully. It is always very comfortable to hide behind our cloak of 'perfection' and judge others like we are any better. I think we all should revisit the message of love and tolerance and make fresh notes on how we should live our lives. Our society is decaying and we are the cause. Churches and mosques are at every corner while the populace is plagued by vice. It's almost like we have created in our minds a 'god' that we answer to- a god lower than us.

We shed blood and hate for no reason, the same beliefs that are meant to save us are the ones making us hold swords against ourselves.

Have we ever wondered the main disntictive feature that seperates us from other animals? We should be marveled at the will granted us by God- the beautiful power of choices that helps know right from good but it seems our visions are blurred by foolhardiness.

How did we get to this place where we live like we are never going to die? When did we start thinking religion could save us? Have we lived so long on earth we can't remember the original message? Is the 'story of the woman by the well' so unrelatable to?

I am one of the lots, I find some sects of Christianity amusing, I call eckists weird people, my aunt calls muslims 'boko haram'. Name calling has never solved anything; none is made clean on his own.

Hypocrites - the name that aptly describes us all. Jesus didn't shed His blood for nothing. If He were like us, we wouldn’t be His follower. We all need to check ourselves and go back to the original message - Love.

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