Monday, August 26, 2013

"The Mummy wars" - Are Career Mums Superior To Stay at Home Mums?

Earlier on I was drawn to what has been termed “ Mummy wars” When I first heard about the way women pulled women who were stay at home mums down, I was in disbelief,  I actively resisted the idea that there were women who felt they were more superior members of society because they had careers and more involvement in making money for the family. 

But that is the truth. Stay at home mums have been accused of being lazy, unambitious and all sorts of other things.  I wrote about a woman who quit her job to start homeschooling her kids some weeks ago and from her story you could tell the pressure was on her because of what a lot of her other working class friends would say/think. Obviously, we don’t all have the desire or the luxury to stay at home, but what some people don’t seem to understand is that
families and children are important to our whole society so that mum who always who volunteers  at after school activities and spends a lot of time with her children at home is working hard too. doing something different from the mainstream causes other parents to go through an unconscious process  in their heads that often turns into a attacks at the other person's choices. For those who are thinking of the choices they want to make I advise  they look to the Bible. We see Ruth and Naomi, Rebecca, Deborah, Mary and Martha If we try to visualize these people and what they represent it will evoke a lot of compassion within you for others’ paths and appreciation for your own unique path. With prayer and a deep esteem for Gods' will I believe every mother will make the right choices and raise her children well no matter what.

Meagan Francis  said --and I' m paraphrasing this a bit --We have to be focused enough to give ourselves enough breathing space to sort out the “Maybe I should be doing…” voices from the “That is something I want to be doing because it is in line with my convictions and values…” voices.

when weaving a net, every thread is of importance.

By Ijeoma Olujekun

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