Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Date Your Husband (At Home)

Here, at Covenant Relationships, we know that every relationship needs some romance. In a perfect world, married couples would be able to get away together for at least a night or two of romance on a regular basis, out-of-the-house Date Nights would be a regular occurrence, and even the occasional lunch date would show up on their calendars. Ladies, I know you want a little tenderness so I hope these ideas will put the spark back into your marriage one date at a time, even if you can’t go out on a proper date.

1. Buy or create your very own "Cuddle Kit"
Let your spouse know your intentions for a night of cuddlin’, snugglin’ and lovin’ with a cuddle kit basket. Fill the basket with an assortment of chocolates (you can feed each other), bubbly drink, cupcake cakes (If your hubby is anything like mine, you might also like to fry some beef or chicken and throw it in there) candles (to set the scene), romantic music, a lovey-dovy movie (For those that have been together for some time, rewatching the first movie you ever saw together is a guaranteed heartstring-tugger) or whatever inspires your romance!. A little prep makes for a LOT of CUDDLES!!! (we just love that) Alternatively you could buy a ready made one like the one pictured by contacting

2. Spa Night For 2
If you liked the idea of pampering your spouse – you are going to LOVE this idea! Enjoy the treatment of a spa right from your very home. There is nothing more romantic than a sensual massage by candlelight and it doesn’t have to cost a thing! Do one another a relaxing massage with flavored oils, listening to a slow music. Go to sleep late and wake up late the next day -If you can. Take time out to take care of yourself and your relationship!

3. Family game night (for two) is a great alternative to your normal routine. Mostly because you actually, like, engage one another instead of mindlessly sharing space but not conscious thought. Scrabble is good but avoid it if you’re a win-at-all-costs type or opt for something more lighthearted like a charades game or card game instead.

By Ijeoma Olujekun

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