Monday, August 19, 2013

Top 3 Tuesday Morning Family Funnies

It's Tuesday morning and I know you wish the weekend was one day closer so, here are 3 family funnies for you. Family relationships are so precious especially when we hear what the children have to say from the innocence of their cute and very sincere hearts.

Toddler Rules!!!
Grandma: "Look (grandson) look what grannie got for you!" (hands over toy to 2-year-old grandson)

Mother: "What do you say to Grandma?"
Son: "MINE"

Have A Spare Tire?
( A four-year-old looking at her auntie)
Niece: " Auntie, do you have this chin incase something happens to your real chin?"

Cruise Control or Curse Control?
(A family were planning to go on a cruise together when a 2-year-old overhears them)
"I wanna go on a big s***!"
( Thankfully they got her to call it a cruise)

Have a great day!!!

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