Tuesday, August 6, 2013

6 Friends We All Need

1.The Comic Relief: They are always the life of the party. I have this friend who is so funny that even the thought of her puts a smile on my face. She can do lots of accents too. Recently one of our friends lost some money in a business venture and there is nothing funny about that. But she got her laughing so hard at her cynical humour that tears were coming out of her eyes. She certainly relieved her sadness, (albeit temporarily) that ability to make each other laugh helps us get through the bad days. Another good thing about a friend with a great sense of humor is that they usually have some warmth and compassion to spare too.

2. The Relationship Expert: You know that friend who tells you how to solve the feud with your parents or helps you plan the perfect way to propose to your girl? They just love to play the role of relationship expert and they will take note of every single detail and interpret its meaning. Such a friend understands the complexities of relationships and would advise you on how to handle your relationship with care.

3. The Highly Opinionated friend – I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions. In my head. Because I hate asking about five people and receiving the same answer even if they are all right. I have opinions about a lot of things. What and how we feed our child. How babies are born. Antibiotics for treating infections. children and television. Allowances and chores. Teens and technology. Hitler and the holocaust…ok let me stop there. Availability of options in almost every sphere makes it difficult to make a choice. In such instances, opinionated people are very useful. They spend their time pondering about the questions life throws at them and will be more than happy to ponder over yours and insist you see it from a different perspective. They will evaluate the pros and cons of a situation and further help you in take the final decision.

4. The Wise Friend No matter how much exposure you have in your lifetime; one always needs a friend who is just that bit wiser and more experienced. Their company will help you understand the intricacies of life in a better and authentic way. They come across as the voice of reason.

5. Life coach: They invigorate you. Their pep talks make you feel more hopeful about yourself and your future. These energizer friend are strong and tough, with a vigor for life you can feed off of. Through their examples, you become more eager to achieve your goals or just keep on keeping on.

6. The Loyalist: Everyone needs a “hot mess” friend—by which I mean a friend you can be a complete wreck in front of. This friend can drop in unannounced when you’re looking your worst. You haven’t showered and the house is a total disaster, but she won’t judge you. More importantly, she’ll let you be emotional when you’re at a low point. I remember when I was crying over some heartbreak back then. I really wanted to pretend I was fine and hold back the tears because I knew it would be hard to stop once I started and she sensed this. She told me it was ok to cry, that eventually I would have to let it all out and she would rather that happen while she was with me. She said, “I’d rather you cried and cried your eyes out than keep acting like your fine and staring into the distance with tears in your eyes and wearing that fake smile unsuccessfully. I needed no further invitation! I cried my eyes out and felt much better afterwards. We all need a friend who is willing to be there even when we’re not all happy and cheerful.

If you have these friends treasure them, if you don’t think you have them there are approximately 7 billion people in the world, so you will sooner or later, and or you haven’t identified them, no worries, keep being a good friend and there will always be special people in your life anyway.

By Ijeoma Olujekun

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