Saturday, March 14, 2015

10 Things You Should Do in Your Twenties!

Many of us do not realize how important our twenties are. We believe twenties are an an extension of our adolescence, and we ought to just go with the flow, have fun and prepare for the depressing big 30. Twenty-somethings who are dedicated to carving their success, working hard on their future, are seen as different, too serious, uptight...the list goes on. I have often wondered why many people get depressed as 30 approaches. Except for a couple of friends, most people I know who turned 30 got so hot and bothered about it, the celebration was more of a pity party than a celebration of achievements. Achievements...that's what many people realize they lack at 30, that causes them to sink into a state of pity. Subconsciously, we are aware that our twenties form the bedrock of what our thirties would be like, but for some reason, we like to go with the new wave of not taking our twenties seriously. Below are a few things you should aim to achieve in your twenties.

1.) Identify your strengths: There is nothing worse than going into your thirties without any knowledge of your strengths. Your strengths are the core of your individuality. Your strengths are the factors that make you who you are, the features your friends and colleagues notice about you.

2.) Say yes to new experiences: Sometimes we are so dedicated to the plans we have laid out for our lives, we refuse to move outside the box. Experience is the best teacher like many of us know, and there are many things that cannot be taught within the confines of a classroom. Let your twenties be a time for you to explore life experiences and decide which experience was enjoyable, and which was a lesson.

3.) Find Yourself: The truth is finding yourself is a lifetime journey. None of us can truly find ourselves completely in our twenties but you can start anyway. Start to identify what you are good at, what makes you happy, what burns you out etc.

4.) Choose your close circle: No one should have a life without friends, but you also shouldn't live a life filled with fake or unreliable friends. Choose your close circle in your twenties, and choose responsibly! Don't spend your time with club hoppers, or one-night 'standers'. Choose friends who will help you grow and uplift you.

5.) Study something! Anything...but get some form of education beyond your first degree. It doesn't have to be a progression of your first degree, you can study a certificate course or a diploma. You never know when it may come in handy.

6.) Get a job: Entrepreneurship is amazing but to be a great entrepreneur, you first need to learn how organizational structures work. What better way to learn than to put yourself right in the middle of the mix. 

7.) Start choosing your family: Many of us do not realize how important it is to wisely choose the partners we end up with. In your twenties, knowing what you want in a partner will help you eliminate those who won't do you any good. The kind of partner you choose will have an inevitable direct impact on the kind of family you build in future. 

8.) Know your weaknesses: As much as you focus on your strengths, learn your weaknesses too, and be willing to admit areas in which you are weak. This way, you will find ways to improve on your weaknesses. This does not mean you should be obsessed with your weaknesses. Simply embrace them, they form part of your uniqueness. 

9.) Choose to be healthy; Being healthy is a lifestyle, not something you do once in a blue moon. Eat healthy, exercise, be fit! It is not just to look good naked or look hot in clothes. Being healthy is good for your mental health too!

10.) Learn to prioritize: This is probably the most important skill you can give yourself. It will come in handy when you have that perfect yet draining job, when you have a family, when you have events, and even when you are trying to do a monthly budget on your income. Learn to prioritize your needs and your wants. This way you can choose the important things in life over the less important.

And here's an extra tip: learn to take responsibility for your actions! When you have done something wrong, don't try to shift blame or turn the tables on other people. Learn to accept responsibility and simply apologize for your wrong-doing. This is a life skill that will build your integrity in future.  Our twenties form the foundation for the next decades of our lives. They are part of our adulthood, and must be treated so. XOXO

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