Monday, March 23, 2015

You are just TOO MUCH!

It is amazing how the words 'too much' can have both positive and negative impacts on how we see ourselves.Very often, these days, I have noticed that people have started to turn positive qualities into negative perceptions by simply adding the words 'too much' to their descriptions. People seem to pay a lot of 'inverted' compliments these days. "Your personality is too strong", "You are too smart for your own good", "you are too fashionable", "you are too stylish".... the list goes on, and before you know it, you being to doubt if being any of these things is a good thing. Some people even go as far as saying things like "the problem is you are too successful". Oh? I didn't realize that success could be a bad thing.

We live in a world filled with insecure people. It does not help in any way that insecurity is now viewed as 'normal'. People feel disturbed when they meet strong individuals who do not need to be verified by society before they feel secure in themselves, therefore they attempt to make them feel bad for being awesome. Sadly, many of us fall prey to this tactic, and begin to apologize for being the amazing individuals God made us out to be. We suppress our strengths to keep people happy, we live in less than satisfactory conditions because we don't want to be seen as 'too flashy' or 'too successful'. In other words, we become prisoners of others' desires because we just don't want to be seen as 'too much of anything'. 

I lived that way for a long time; I stopped talking, which was difficult because I like talking, and yes, I have heard many times that I talk 'too much' because I am considerably well-read on a lot of topics, and often have something to contribute. I've also been told I'm too sparkly, too bubbly...generally too happy, and so I thought I should tone it down. Well, guess what? I ended up being miserable, and it certainly did not take long before I told myself it was time to stop suppressing the good things myself! (yes, talking is a good thing; people who talk a lot don't have wrinkles).

Stop 'toning things down' just so people can be happy at your expense. You need to own who you are, and accept who you are too. Yes, there might be some negative traits you need to work on and cut out of your life, but let the positive traits about you shine through shamelessly! Do you have a strong personality? Hone it and own it! Are you successful? enjoy it, and let other people benefit from it! Whatever qualities you have, whatever strengths you possess, do not hide them simply because insecure people think you are just too much! XOXO

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