Monday, March 16, 2015

Tips To Living A Happier And Fuller Life

I was on a flight recently when the plane plunged downwards all of a sudden probably due to a change in altitude but the pilot didn’t have the decency to inform us, so some people assumed we might crash. Much as I kept my cool, I found the sounds of their alarmed prayers and screams disturbing and I must confess my faith did shake. I found myself making notes in my head of what I have made of my life and thinking  if I had lived a life I would be proud of were that the end of me. Surprisingly, my answer came in the negative. I found myself guilty of overthinking things and I recall how much I fight sleep because there are so many things that need to get done. Every dawn has me thinking a million and one things need my attention and I am surprised how I am not even the
Image result for happy lifeWell, the plane stabilized and we had a drama free flight home but that incident was like a wakeup call. I wrote a note to myself to keep things in the right perspective. You see, we forget just how short life is thinking we have all the time in the world to get to things we really should be doing right now.

If that incident was the end of me, I would have been deeply dissatisfied but thank God for tons of chances, I am here now and I am sharing with you some of my life tips.

I have decided to be less apologetic. People have always had differing opinions on how other people should live their lives. You will discover how unsatisfying your life would be when you take every decision considering what someone else has to say about it.  Do things because it makes you happy. Happiness should be given so much more priority than it is being given because life is really too short. You need to live that life and live it filtering out every negative comments.

There is no better time to do that amazing thing on your mind than right now. Don’t get me wrong, you are not going to die young or any of that but the earlier you do that thing that has been ion your mind, the better. Age shouldn’t hold you back on the things you can achieve in your life. I find the story of the 83 year old first grader deeply inspiring. I have heard people say I would have loved to be this or that but age isn’t on my side. That is a lie we tell ourselves. Get off your seat and go on that journey that makes your life so much more amazing than it is right now.

Mistakes are only human, Failures are not the end. Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes. They only help us in building wealthier experiences. There is so much life to see that it is absolutely a disservice to oneself not to move on after a failure. Learn from your mistakes, understand it is just a bend and not the end. I remember Having an F in a course in the University, I was so scared of taking the exams again because I became really unsure of myself, I am glad of how far I have come since then.

Have fun. How do you relax? by partying or going on picnics with friends? attending cookouts . Just do something fun and adventurous.  Stop making excuses on why you can’t possibly have a little play time. Life is not that serious. Taking a day out or even a vacation for a week or two wouldn’t ruin your life. 

You need to create time for the people that matter in your life too. You don’t want to realize when it is too late that it was going to cost nothing extra to be at that family dinner. 

Eat Healthy: You owe your body that much. Food helps build our immune systems and even helps our mental health among many other things. We need to be conscious of what goes into our mouth. Why take ill when it can be avoided. Some of us take more care of our cars than we do our bodies. Eating right might really be the key to living longer.

Exercise more often: Do I even need to say this? A healthy person is a happy person. Asides from keeping one in shape, exercises are great for health generally; Heartbeat rate, cholesterol level, muscles and whatever thing you can think of. Create time for it.

Stop Complicating things for yourself: Keep it as simple as it can be. Life already has its own complexities. Don't take on more than you can handle. Live life at a pace you can keep up with. There is no use comparing your life with every Tola, Chudi or Adamu.

Don’t compromise on your time with God: Life without God feels like walking in a complex maze with blindfolds, achieving anything is going to be by a tiny stroke of chance. Why would you want to live life based on chances when you can have someone hold you by the hand and guide you? I have discovered life becomes easier to live when one understands purpose and there is no greater way to understand that than by being close to God. 

All in all,You owe yourself your happiness. Seek it and live it. I am on the path of living my life that way, so help me God.

Have a great week y'all.

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