Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bend, Don't Break! Heaven has a Plan for You

Life is tough on us sometimes. Many of us might not be aware of this fact. We have always had everything handed to us on a platter of gold, we do not understand loss or lack. 

Two days ago, i found myself weeping profusely as a friend confided in me. She lost her sister to cancer, and wasn't the same ever since. She turned to substance abuse to help her deal with the emotional pain that expressed itself so strongly in the physical. I couldn't believe my ears. This friend of mine was bubbly, bright and generally a happy person. She was always full of hope and nothing in her in the ten years that I've known her  suggested that she might someday trail a dark and dangerous path.

There are many people who snap when life gets difficult. It is not because they are weak,but because they are caught by surprise by the sudden storm or the sudden change in the wind of their lives. They find themselves asking questions no one around them can answer, and slowly they begin to lose hope and wallow in their sorrrows.

My word for you today is to bend, but don't break! Yes life will bend you and put you in painful and uncomfortable positions, but the important thing is to ensure that life doesn't break you. In the midst of every storm, encourage yourself with the word of God. Sometimes you will be surrounded by people who are not in any way encouraging, people who have also been beat down by life, people who cannot speak a positive word to your situation because they have embraced the negative card life has dealt them. Do not join their pity party or engage in self-destruction because you are mad at the world. God is always aware of what you are going through, he knows your capabilities, and he will never give you more than you can handle! Stay encouraged in his word. Stay blessed in his love, and let his grace embrace you always. The mountain you see today, you shall see no more in Jesus name. 

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