Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Can One Have Sex In Front Of A Baby?

Having kids is not peculiar to those that are newly married. However old or young one is, trust me when I say nobody prepares you for the anxieties you’d have as a new parent. I remember being scared I was going to choke my baby because I found it hard to keep my eyes open when feeding her sometimes. The elderly ones don’t seem to help one’s nerves, they even escalate the situation with their long list of contradictory don’ts. One thing I have learnt while on this parenting ‘job’ is that things are not always so complicated and it is okay to rely on one’s instincts sometimes.

I came across a question on one of the popular blogs and the author wanted to know if it was alright to have sex in the presence of a seven month old child. I know she voiced the thoughts of many new parents and I laughed when I saw it because I could totally relate.

There are always ideal ways to do things like allowing the baby sleep in the bassinet or cot but really who am I kidding? that almost never happens because of many reasons; breastfeeding, general nurturing and plenty other reasons I can’t remember at this time. So, one is faced with the desire to be with one’s spouse and to not also be the one that would leave one’s child traumatized. Hmm, classic case of being stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea right? How does one handle such sensitive matters? Well, it is really not that serious. Psychologists have said most infants can’t remember things so if your seven month old child is a spectator while you are going at it, he really can’t make sense of what you are doing.

Not to make light of it, it is understandable for one to be uncomfortable when one has an audience irrespective of if the child understands or not so instead of using the room where the child is sleeping, you could use the other room in the house or the bathroom where you are more likely to be out of earshot.

You babies are definitely going to grow up so the good news is the frustration you feel has a timeline. However getting intimate with each other is also important so you need to get creative at it.

While you might get away with having sex in front of a child less than a year, you are going to be less lucky if you had one that is already curious about his environment and is at that mimicking state. To avoid any form of drama, it is advisable not to.

Stay Blessed

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