Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Online Dating Guide For Singles

Image result for online datingThe social media is everything these days. We play catch ups and get updated scoops on lives of friends and acquaintances. The line between what obtains there and in the real life has become so blurry. We take our personal businesses there and we expect validation from friends we haven’t seen in ages or those we probably have never met. I am not going to highlight some of the ills without giving credence to its positive effect. Businesses have grown and endless talents are being displayed every day. Some people even find love on it. The video chat apps are so phenomenal, one can almost swear one felt a lover’s touch by how intimate the conversations can get.

A friend of mine was complaining to me about how hard it is to find ready and single men on the streets these days and for lack of a better explanation, I said that is because most of them are chasing after perfect profile pictures and obsessing on presumed personalities of those they meet online. I can’t help my ramblings but I think we need to start acknowledging things for what they really are.

Much as we might want to disagree, the fact still remains that the social media plays a large part in the dating scene of these present time and so for those that are still single, there is nothing wrong with replying that brother’s ‘hello’. If you want him to notice you, like his pics or ‘lol’ at his jokes. Let him take it up from there sister. All these has to be done with moderation though. You don't want him perceiving you as really desperate.

Share interesting posts. It gives an insight into the kind of person you are and you might probably attract someone on the same radar as you are.

Be courteous in your conversations brothers, all those endearing words don't always work. If you truly like her, then come correct like a gentleman.Arrange a meet up in a place where you can make great conversation and see if you can take things from there. It is a circle, don't be thirsting after every great picture you see, you would never be taken seriously that way.

You should know better than to invest your heart without physically meeting whomever you are constantly chatting with. Online profiles don’t hold true sometimes so you need to be careful. Before it gets too serious, try and meet whomever you are chatting with to be sure you are not being deceived.

Much as you might have reached a level of trust before meeting your 'online friend' , you  still need to be mindful of where you choose to meet up. No private places for starters.
Application of wisdom is very necessary. You should be mindful so as not to put yourself out there to be preyed upon by wolfs acting like sheep. Don’t go all lovey dovey on a ‘familiar stranger’. Stay guided in your spirit. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right.

That said, don't be too stiff, love lives in strange places ,yours might just be a click away.

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