Thursday, February 12, 2015

21st Century Love: Where We Got It All Wrong

Love... a word that is used loosely more often than not; a word that can make ladies blush and make commitment phobes run in the opposite direction Love is the word that can make our hearts warm, make us smile and make us believe the best about ourselves. People say love doesn't have to hurt, but I've had to wonder why there is so much hurt and pain in this new era of 21st century love. In case you are wondering, the 21st century love is the love we have now created in our heads based on ideas sold to us by TV advertisements, questionable movies and song lyrics that are intended to create a different perception to us. These days, we are being taught to love our partners conditionally, and I daresay some of those conditions are ridiculously hilarious. We are expected to love people for what they have, and not necessarily who they are. We love people for how they make us look to the public and not necessarily how they make us feel, and of course we have been taught to believe that walking away when we feel like it, irrespective of how that person may feel, is OK.

We have gotten it wrong because we place our expectations which are based on false representations of love, above our feelings. It is rather disturbing that people who are crazy in love today, can decide to let go of each other in the twinkle of an eye. We got it wrong by not realizing that our need for one another is by divine design. When God created Adam, he could have chosen not to create Eve. As a matter of fact, he could have left Adam by himself with all the animals but he didn't. He created a partner for Adam. This I believe was not simply the initiation of the institution of marriage, but also the importance of our dependence on one another.

Sadly, in our 21st century love, we are more connected to things than we are to people. We are connected to the latest C-class a man drives, much more than we are connected to who he is deep inside. This is why the 21st century love hurts and breaks so many people who are still caught up in the archaic ideas of what love should be. We have gotten it all so wrong by treating people like objects, and treating objects like people.

Another valentine's day is around the corner, and with commercialization of the day on the rise, many people will be looking forward to what they can get from others, rather than what they can do for, or with others. Make this valentine's day count by looking forward to the connection between you and your partner much more than anything else. Embrace the deep sincere love you have for your partner and express it in any way you can. Don't get carried away by the wave of the 21st century love!

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