Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How To Get Over A Terrible Heartbreak

It is like a sharp pain. The one that never goes away even with painkillers and ointments. It is the feeling that weighs one down and makes one sink into sheets while munching on everything one can find and sipping on all kinds of fluid but still wouldn’t go away. It is a kind of fever but this time something bigger than insect struck, it is no bacterial or viral infection, it is something deeper. The phone on the side drawer is beeping but it doesn’t bear the name one wants to see. It is a new low, the kind one reaches when love no longer resides where it used to be. It feels like the end of the world but it is what some call a heartbreak.
Ok, that was slightly dramatic or maybe not, I know people that would argue it hurts even deeper. Truth be told, it is hard to wrap one’s head around how people that were once in love can’t stand to breathe the air around each other anymore. Some people exit one’s life and one becomes subjected to all kinds of whys and what ifs. Former lovers become sworn enemies airing all kinds of dirty linens to the public's delight.
There are different reasons people break up but some cases are really exceptional.I remember trying to understand why a couple i used to know broke up and i wondered what could have gone wrong. In most cases, there is always the party that felt cheated and finds it hard to move on. One wonders how anyone could ever dump a sweet person. We all have our faults as humans but almost everything can be worked on.If you are not good enough for her,remember you are the best another is yet to find. So, sweetie if you are in that kind of situation, never forget you are the driver behind the wheel of your life, don’t allow any situation weigh on your life and time. On your road to getting healed, bear the following in mind.

The fact that someone else can’t deal with your awesomeness doesn’t make you less awesome. You need to step out of your house and bask in the golden goodness of the beautiful sun. There is so much life has to give outside a failed relationship. These things happen all the time and you need not beat yourself up. While you are doing that soul searching, i hope you also find Your tears won’t remedy the situation. Get out of your pyjamas and go somewhere fun. You owe yourself that much.

Please don’t stalk your ex’s page. It is only going to bring back memories and all kinds of unanswered questions. If he/she has moved on, you need to do the same too. For your sanity, please stay away for a while till you have been able to get over it.

If you share common friends then you can’t avoid bumping into each other. So, till you heal, you need to avoid that common crowd and common hangout. You don’t want to stir up all that awkwardness and drama just yet. 

Do something exciting, get registered in a gym or dance class. Get your adrenaline pumped high while you socialize. If you isolate yourself, it is only going to make your already broken heart ache more.

Don’t rush into another relationship. Take your time to heal because chances are if you are that invested in your ex as to have been very heartbroken, then getting a new one almost immediately would be totally disastrous.

Get therapy.Dont bottle up your feelings. Go somewhere to vent, Your church counsellor, office psychologist or a very good friend. Let it off your chest sweetie.

I cant exhaust all the ways you can try to get over your depression.We all handle things in different ways. The principal thing however is for you not to allow the heartbreak destroy you. It is just a matter of time, you will be fine.



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