Thursday, February 5, 2015

Knowing When To Let Go And Move On

I love the concept behind doing something persistently in order to achieve results. I mean you have probably read books where the protagonist got great results due to his persistence and you tell yourself that is a nice road to go. There are also a number of idioms that highlight the importance of going after what one wants fiercely, but have you ever wondered that this might not be the way to go in some cases. Come on don’t be naive, you should know most rules have exceptions.
In relationships especially the pre stage of asking a girl out or vice versa, there are times ‘No’ really does mean ‘No’ and one just has to let go. It is hard to swallow that someone else doesn’t desire you the way you do them but that doesn’t make the person a bad person. Life is all about choices. You made yours and they made theirs.

See, I listened to a guy as he went on and on about how he invested his time, money, energy and love on a girl that wouldn’t even return one tenth of his affection. He thinks she is stupid to have chosen someone else over him. He couldn’t believe she could be so blind not to see just how much he cared about her and how much more he would have given her a better future than the man she chose.

I have always tried to explain how this works and I hope I get it across this time. I have been asked why women choose some kind of guys over others. Many things might inform a woman's choice and if the choice is against one,the graceful thing to do is try and move on.

I have seen situations where the guy stays back still hoping the woman changes her mind. it is alright to be optimistic but the line should be drawn when one's affection is fast becoming an obsession. This happens a lot to the guys that find themselves in the friend-zone. He develops a superman syndrome and starts feeling every other choice the lady makes is wrong for her .Truth is things don’t work well when one person sees himself as the messiah and starts having the myopic thought that since the lady is not with you, then she’ll suffer. Relationships work both ways, one need to love another to be able to appreciate that person and want such person in his/her life. You can show me love and affection but it is left to me to make the choice if I want you or not. It is not a life or death affair.

You need to see the world doesn’t  stop because your ego is wounded or your good boy manners weren’t appreciated.  Get over yourself and move on with your life. There are so many unhooked singles, lighten up brother and breathe easy. Life is not so unfair. Stop shoving yourself down someone else’s throat. It is nice to be so self-aware but sometimes it is over bearing when one starts thinking one is the best option any other person can ever get. One needs to bear in mind that being in love with another person doesn’t guarantee that the love will be returned.

Stop misplacing your priorities, it is time to move on with your life instead of hoping for the love of a sister/brother that might never come. It is a new year show yourself more love. You deserve better.Stop the bitterness. Move.

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