Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Own Up To Your Mistakes!

Mistakes are a part of everyday life; we can barely avoid them, and sometimes we find ourselves making mistakes unknowingly and unwillingly. The big question remains what to do once a mistake has been committed. Run? Hide? keep quiet or simply look for someone else who can take the fall for you?

The latter seems to be the most favourable option for most people. These days, people are consistently developing hypengyophobia- the fear of responsibility, and are constantly seeking ways to avoid dealing with mistakes they have made. They tend to shut away memories of their mistakes in parts of their minds that remain unperturbed or convince themselves that they do not have to own up and deal with their wrongdoing.

Own up to your mistakes!It is not a sign of cowardice, but rather a sign of maturity. By owning up, you are simply acknowledging you have done something wrong, which you feel remorseful about. It is rather disheartening for me these days when i meet men or women past their mid-twenties, who are constantly on the lookout for someone they can shift their blame to. It is very immature and shows lack of growth as an individual. Even in relationships, people tend to magnify the negative qualities of their partners or pull accusations out of thin air, rather than admit to their wrongdoing. 

The act of avoiding blame, playing smart or simply trying to 'spin the tables' on others is a self-destructive quality that also destroys sincere relationships. Practise the act of owning up and sincerely apologising. No one is out to get you, or outsmart you by pointing put your mistakes. Don't get defensive, or try to cover up your act by blowing someone else's mistakes out of proportion. Be humble enough to know you are human, and will always be. Own up to your mistakes!

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