Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are You Dating a Mosquito?

I was driving to work when a random billboard caught my eye. It said 'mosquitoes don't only bite you, they also pee on you'. It was funny, I laughed when I saw it, and everyday after that, it was one of the highlights of being stuck in traffic on my way to work. I never gave it much thought. I really just thought it was the most random billboard ever. There was no product ad on it. It was just a quote, a random quote..... until I had an epiphany while sitting at the car wash this past weekend, bored out of my mind. 

When mosquitoes bite, not only do we feel the sting, we see the swollen red sores that result from those bites. Sometimes, they are itchy, sometimes they are swollen for days, and depending on the mosquito, you might find yourself battling malaria for days or weeks. Well, aren't many of us in relationships with mosquitoes?

It is sad that many of us, male and female alike do not understand how much we are worth, so we make ourselves available to people who not only bite us, and leave swollen red sores on our skin, but also people who pee on us. We tolerate relationships where we give 100% of ourselves and get nothing in return. It is not a bad thing to give with no expectation of receiving, but in relationships, the effort has to be equal to avoid sucking one person dry while the other feeds fat. Think about it, no one gains anything from being bitten by a mosquito. The only you get are those red swollen sores and a drowsy feeling that makes you feel like you've hit an all-time sugar low. Well, have you tried killing a mosquito that has been feeding all night? I bet you were surprised such a tiny insect was carrying so much blood in its tummy. 

Many of us are not dating mosquitoes, we are the mosquitoes! We are constantly looking for someone to suck dry, outsmart and simply get all we can out of them without being harmed in any way. Of course it doesn't end at us taking advantage of a person's sincerity, we want to make that person feel small, and less than they are worth, so we pee on them emotionally and psychologically. We do it to make ourselves feel good and to simply break that person's sense of self-worth, all in a bi to feed our sick senses of humor or our childlike egos. 

You need to ask yourself if you are dating a mosquito. Are you in a parasitic relationship where you do all the chasing, all the caring and all the giving while your partner simply waits to collect all he or she can? Or are you the mosquito that feeds on others unashamedly, trying to outsmart them in a bid to make yourself feel good? Either way, it will not end well. A parasitic relationship will drain you. It will leave you with nothing but scars that may take a long time to heal. And as for being the parasite, well, every mosquito gets to meet a fatal clapping of the hands or a bottle of raid at some point. XOXO


  1. i married a mosquito i nw realise that he married me for selfish reasons.... i dont knw what to do i feel like I m trapped. we have a child together

    1. Dear anonymous, please feel free to chat with me via email if you'd like to discuss this further.


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