Monday, February 16, 2015

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover, You Might Miss Out On A Good Thing

I talk a lot about having a nice long sleep but that is a feat these days as I hardly ever get one. My sleep pattern has become really messed up. I try very hard to sleep and when it does come, I pray nothing interrupts it but that’s never guaranteed. The persistent bang on the gate was one of those deal breakers in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. Found out it was our neighbor. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that and I had to knock off the thoughts of taking a sleep tab which I am scared I can get addicted to. I was forced to turn on the TV and after flipping channels, I settled for the rerun of X Factor auditions.
Like every talent show, there were the really good ones and the so-you-think-you-are-talented ones. There was a trend too, I could tell the well-dressed serious ones weren’t going to fall in the class of horrible auditions. They came in with eyes filled with dreams and a passion that showed the audition meant everything to them. They knew the power of what they had and they wanted to show the world.

For some others, I can’t say the same thing. I looked at them and ask myself why it is so hard to tell oneself the truth.  They come dressed like they are clowns in a circus and one needs no warning to know the right thing to do is to block one’s ears. I was pleasantly surprised when one of such people took the stage and blew the judges minds and mine too. He was wearing a Tee that had Pugs inscribed on it and presented one of the judges with a horrible looking miniscule of the judge. He was grinning sheepishly while he ranted about how much he loved Pugs and wanted one. Nothing gave him away as someone that understood the essence of the show. "One of the jesters", I thought loudly. The average person in the hall probably already wrote him off too. He had a funny accent and talked like he was voicing one of those funny characters in kiddies’ cartoons. Imagine the shock when he started singing, I had visible Goosebumps from the silkiness and perfection of his voice. The rendition sounded so heavenly that one might have thought it was coming from someone else.

How wrong the judges were, how wrong I was. I was thinking about how much we don’t give some people chances to show their worth because we are so vested on the surface and just can’t see past that. 

Imagine if Jesus was so quick to judge Mary Magdalene, we might probably have missed out on the beauty of the resurrection story. I remember in my early years when we keep away from particular kids in class because they weren't cool enough and then find out later in life they are the ones that have achieved the most for themselves.We need to mirror Jesus, if he were like most of us, we wont even be saved. He would be like, this one cant be any good .Wherever it is you find yourself, give people equal chances, we are not our looks, we are the person within.

Shine on.

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