Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Someone Lied , Growing Up Is Scary

One of the best thing about growing up has to be the ‘supposed’ freedom that comes with it. Are you not excited about not having to explain all the whys and whats to your parents? It must be exhilarating to finally feel like you own your life? Nobody is screaming down your neck to get your homework done or asking you to give reasons for not being the best student in your class. Emancipation feels like having a really cold bath after a hot day or maybe not. I was really excited about finally being the driver of my own life but recently I have come to realize and appreciate the push I got from my parents.

I remember how my mum refused to allow me get a guitar because she was scared I would drop out of school for music. I wonder at her paranoia now, how could she ever have conceived those thoughts. I might have liked my music really loud and known all the lyrics to many songs but I still knew what I wanted (or I thought I wanted). I say I would have preferred to make my own mistakes but in hindsight, I wonder if I would have been able to live with the consequences of some of my teenage impulsive foolishness. Bringing up a child means one needs to put one’s foot down sometimes. I had really wild ideas but my parents were there to tame me. My parents called me every single night in the University till I Changed the course I was studying because they were scared I was going to be at a disadvantage if I didn't study a professional course. Much as I didn't like their meddling, I have to give it up to them for giving me the right push. I sometimes thought they were trying to live their dreams through me but I have realized how wrong I was.

Nobody warned me about the early morning alarms and the never ending bills. come on , this feels like a conspiracy. All I was ever told was to grow up.

On a less dramatic note,being on my own has opened my eyes to how much their expectations of me inspired me to reach for extra. Every time I wanted to stop, I saw my mum’s stern face and heard my dad’s voice and I was able to move ahead. These days, things have really changed, I have become my own cheerleader, nobody is breathing down my neck to get anything done and sometimes, I wish someone was. I have realized at those times that I am my own driver, I need to get off my seat and get things done in order to move forward.

Growing up is so beautiful but some times can be stressful. You will live a less frustrating and more satisfying life when you realize how responsible you are for the decisions you take in your own life. Your parents/guardian were there to guide you but after you attain a certain age, you need to take responsibility for yourself. Nobody owes you anything and nobody is going to give you a manual to live by. The earlier you understand that, the better.

Set your own goals and work towards achieving it. The burden is all on you now, how far can you go without that parental/guardian meddling? Be sure to make the right decisions and don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes. It is your life, make yourself proud by how well you manage it.

Perhaps,it is not so scary.


  1. Dear writer, you are oh so right.
    More frequently, I find myself longing for those sweet old days of no life threatening responsibilities, no deadlines, no serious consequences for our actions, except occasional rebuke from our parents. Those days when we got covered, bills and all, by our parents.
    But all of a sudden, things change, as our desire for freedom and independence gets fulfilled in growing up, we begin to wish for a ''eat your cake and have it'' situation.
    Whew! Well, l always tell myself that i'm forever a 'child' to God, so He's got me covered- always!

  2. So right Fisayomi, so right. I remember that I was so desperate and couldn't wait to start spending my own money. Now I wish I can spend someone else's. So right.


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