Friday, February 27, 2015

You Become Who You Admire

There is something rather interesting about human nature; as much as we like to think we determine how we turn out, we are often failed by our proclivity to involuntarily become whoever or whatever we admire. Sadly, many of us are unaware of this fact, so we focus on what we now refer to as trends, following blindly what has been dictated to us by someone else, yet believing we are carving ourselves apart from others.

I met a young man recently who during our first discussion mentioned his desire to carry out a genocide against a different tribe in his home country. He talked about it so passionately, I almost ran for help. I happen to know people from his home country, who are from the tribe he intended to vent his anger, and all I could think about was what could possibly lead a young man in his late twenties, in this century, in this day and age to even entertain the thought of leading a genocide against innocent people who were not in his hair, or breathing down his neck. My confusion was resolved when during our second discussion, he mentioned how much he admired Hitler. We all know how controversial a character Hitler was and still is today. His name still sparks a lot of anger, hatred and sad emotions that words cannot express, yet... here was someone who had watched every documentary Hitler was ever featured in, and who unknowingly was beginning to fancy himself as a 21st century Hitler. It didn't happen by chance; his admiration of Hitler was bound to lead him to think in bizarre and irrational ways.

It is important to take note of those who tickle your fancy in order to determine if you are straying off God's destined path. It is human nature to slowly absorb traits from those we admire. We may involuntarily begin to imitate the way they walk, talk like they do and before we know aspire to be what they are. If we do not pay close attention to the kinds of people we are aspiring to imitate, we may find ourselves becoming monsters unexpectedly.

Who are your role models in society?


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