Monday, February 9, 2015

To The One I Love... (Reflections)

I was trying to reply to a chat on my phone when the instrumentals to usher the bride in came on. It was such a refreshing sound, we all stood up to watch the bride make her way to the front. It was such a delight to see the bride saunter in in all elegance accompanied by her train (man! the train gets longer by the veil over her face didn’t hide the smile that was dancing on her lips and I could read she was in a place of deep satisfaction in that moment. The groom couldn’t hide his admiration even though he was slightly fidgety. The one minute or so walk down the the aisle suddenly felt like it lasted so much longer. The feeling in the air was that of love and great celebration and everyone present seemed very in tune with atmosphere. The decorations and the different attires gave the hall so much colour. It was just a perfectly beautiful sight.

The vows reading was so emotional as the lovers held hands and stared right into each other’s eyes. It was like watching a scene from all those overly romanticized Hollywood stories but this was happening right before me. Goodness me, I was so close to tears by the time they were done (this is rare ‘cause I can be quite unemotional). I was reminded of mine too as the weight of every line they recited resounded through the powerful speakers that were placed at every corner of the hall.

People in marriages sometime forget the power of the oath taken before their loved ones. One hears of husbands cheating and some women stealing their husband’s money. The distrust and seemingly lack of love ridicules the vows.

My little experience has taught me love is so much greater than our minds ever conceived. It goes past enjoying the good times. You discover your spouse’s weaknesses and realize your husband is not the magician you presumed he was. The husband discovers his wife is not as sweet as he presumed.  A spouse’s illness takes a significant toll on the family’s finances and it sometimes takes a deep reflection to know that those situations are not enough to break the family.

Sitting back in my seat watching as the couples exchanged kisses,I can only say It’s been a great journey since we began, lots of lessons were learnt and everyday still brings with it, its own challenges. But I am reminded these journey is forever. Those oaths stand for something.

Are you going through really hard times in your marriage? Have you started losing faith in the sacred institution? Do you feel like giving up on it all?
Breathe, Let your mind take you back to the beginning and the vows you took.
To have and to hold, through the good and the bad times, in health and in illness, till death do you part.
Divorce and separation doesn’t have any space in the line shared above.
Please make it work.

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