Monday, February 2, 2015

Tips On How To Spend Your Vals Indoors.

Hello everyone, it is February, can you believe that? The year is on roller skates, time is not playing, it is moving as fast as it always has.
So, where are you with all those resolutions you made earlier in the year? 10% or 20% gone?
Hmm. Me? Don’t ask please, I am taking it a baby step at a time but it is looking really good.

As we all know, it is the month of love and for those in Nigeria, it is going to be almost impossible to go out to fun places to celebrate as they will all be closed up due to the elections. There won’t be room for all those surprise deliveries and hang outs that would have added colour to the day. I can imagine how disappointed some lovers who were planning to get married on Val’s day must feel. I mean Valentine’s Day is not going to fall on a Saturday till 6 years’ time. Okay now that hurts a lot (maybe a little…lol). For someone like me that enjoys exploring new dishes and was looking forward to treating my husband out to a nice cozy restaurant, my plan has been frustrated. But being a lover of love, I am not relenting in my efforts to make it a memorable day.

The elections shouldn't be an excuse for not celebrating at all and ladies please don't give your man singlets and boxers and expect an iPhone 6 in return o. That said, I implore you to go out and vote. 
However, I have also come up with suggested ways to make the day count even with very limited ways to celebrate it. 

  • Make your orders early. For that surprise effect, you should find a way of keeping it away from your partner till the d day. Flowers, chocolates, watches, cars, whatever, just make sure you place your order early so it can be presented with whatever fanfare you had planned for the day. For those planning to put a ring on it, by all means go ahead with your plans. Light candles , sprinkle flowers on the floor, be creative with the little you have. You need not propose on a mountaintop(but if that is your dream proposal, you should just wait)

  • Have a picnic at home. Stock the fridge with your favorite wines and chocolates, dim the lights of your apartment if you need to. Watch your favorite movies together or play board or card games. The idea is to have fun together after all.

  • Get a collection of your favourite tracks and dance the day away honey. We forget just how beautiful this is because of our busy lives but dance is so therapeutic and beautiful. Trust me it would be a delightful experience. Of course, you’d eat in between which is where the stocked fridge comes into play. So, dance, eat and talk about everything and nothing.

  • OR just celebrate it the next day and pretend it’s still the 14th. Smiles.

Have a fab February.

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