Monday, February 16, 2015

How High should A Woman Aim?

We've probably all heard it before- the line about women not being too accomplished or too opinionated or too strong or too much of anything that may scare a man away. In spite of the civilization we've enjoyed and the many female-oriented outreach programs designed to empower women, and the 'power couple' ideology that makes men believe it is OK to have a strong woman, there are still many doubts that lurk in the corners of many hearts. There is the big issue of submission (a topic I intend to deal with in another post), and there is the need to make a man feel like a man. The latter confuses me, because I'd think after spending more than twenty years standing when he visits the loo, he should know he's a man without any help from me. Perhaps I'm wrong.

I recently had a heart to heart discussion with a friend about a man I met a few years ago who had his own company. Being the business enthusiast that I am, I was willing to give him ideas, strategise and give him business improvement techniques. I had barely finished my story when she stopped me and said "but why do you aim so high? your ideas probably emasculated him." Oh? Now that's interesting. I had possibly and unintentionally emasculated a man, simply by sharing my thoughts and ideas with him. It made me wonder 'how high should women aim? How far should we go? How much should we discuss?

It is sad, that in a bid to get married or at least keep steady relationships, many of us ladies are willing to dumb ourselves down, and play the fool all for the purpose of making our men feel like men (a concept that is really lost on me; hopefully I start to get it soon). It surprises me that we abandon the purpose for which we are created to please men; we forget in entirety to please God. We do not want to aim too high, for fear that men will be scared of us. I wonder how many of us have broken God's heart with such decisions.

Dear lady, be who you are meant to, aspire to become the great person God created you to be. Don't subdue yourself for the pleasure of men, and the displeasure of God. Do you have dreams that are so big, they scare you yourself? Go for them! Do you hope to be a key player  in the world in future, affecting the society positively? Then do it! Let God guide your heart at all times as you aim higher than even your imagination can carry you. Men? Don't worry about intimidating them. The kind of man that will be intimidated by you is the kind of man you do not need. If God has destined you for great things, believe he has made provision for a great man. Aim high! XOXO

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