Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are You Ready For the Partner You Are Praying For?

I believe this is a question single ladies and men ought to ask themselves when they pray for their future partners. It is a practical question that must be answered truthfully if you are ready to settle into a peaceful relationship. These days, prayers for spouses take priority on most people's lists. People pray for hardworking, spirit-filled, well-to-do spouses, when they themselves are not prepared to meet such spouses halfway. I'll share a personal experience in this regard:

I once met a young man who was keen to court and eventually marry a lady who could think and make decisions without necessarily having to consult him. He wanted a lady who had the three Bs- beauty, brains and bravery, someone he could trust to be herself- strong and independent, and in pursuit of her personal dreams. It happened at the time that he met a lady who fulfilled all of these requirements. She was strong, she had the brains, she was down-to-earth, she could make decisions by analyzing situations critically, and she had her sights set on achieving her dreams. Of course he was overjoyed when he first met her. All e could do was talk about how multi-talented she was, and how lucky he was to have found her. As time went on however, his insecurities started to kick in. Instead of seeing her as a blessing he prayed for, he started to see her as a threat.

If you are not prepared emotionally, psychologically and spiritually for the partner you are praying for, you will end up messing things up, and probably breaking an innocent person. When you pray for a partner, you need to pray for yourself too. Pray to God to prepare you for your future spouse, to help you learn the necessary lessons and help you fix the attitude faults you may possess. Above all, it is important to pray against looming and hidden insecurities that may only begin to surface when that partner you prayed for shows up. Many women pray for successful men but can't handle it when he has to travel out of the country for a meeting. They immediately start entertaining thoughts of another woman being in the picture, and slowly let their insecurities ruin whatever connection they had. The same can be said for men who want strong intelligent women but end up feeling insecure because they believe the woman has bigger dreams than they do. They start entertaining thoughts of being in her shadow forever, and soon find themselves becoming emotionally and psychologically abusive.

It is not enough to pray for a future spouse. You need to pray for yourself too. Don't be one of those people who love the idea of a kind of spouse, but lack the life skills and maturity to handle that spouse. You need to embrace the life lessons you've learned and allow yourself room to grow and mature into someone that can handle the spouse you are praying for. Afterall, God hears and answers prayers. The question is will you be ready? XOXO


  1. Thanks for this post. The first I am reading this year and it is worth the read. Food for thought.

  2. Thanks for this post. The first I am reading this year and it is worth the read. Food for thought.


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