Monday, February 9, 2015

When Your Faith Wavers...

There are times I wonder why some things happen. Is it because the recipient of a bad happenstance is a terrible person or because the person is such a great unbeliever? Then I see, Oh! He is a pastor or she is an aids giver and I wonder why these things happen?

That’s taking it far, do you struggle to hold on to your faith when faced with particular situations? Do you wonder why after sowing your seed, you stop hoping for that increase because all doors seem to be closed or because you just can’t see the way out?

See, whenever I attend services, I always feel so revived and charged and even more so when I am in the company of other worshipers while the preacher reminds us of God’s awesomeness. I am like Whoa! God is good. I dance and praise and forget any worries I might have because in that moment, I truly have no worries. My life would be so great if I am in that frame of mind all the time but reality has a way of pouring ice on my sleepy head or let’s say my faith does waver in the face of certain situations. Is it to say God doesn't keep his promises or he doesn't care enough to see things are not happening as they should for his beloved? I still find it ironical how I leave God’s presence and it becomes a struggle to hold on to the word I heard. I allow myself to become more aware of the gloom around. Like having to deal with the death of a family friend or defer an engagement because of cash restraint. When my head is aching, I can’t even remember how Jesus is the healer, I am thinking I need a pain reliever fast. Could it be that God is so insensitive to the plight of His Children?

I have discovered the problem with me as it is with most believers is how we have stopped seeing Jesus as the solution, He is probably our plan X. We forget the importance of staying in the word even after leaving the church. You need to listen to tapes, read devotions, devour the Word because your life really does hang in the knowledge it reveals. It is a dangerous thing when we stop being so focused in the Lord.

But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone. Do not waver, for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind. James1:6

Remember when the Israelites were journeying out of Egypt, their only plan was God but along the way, their faith wavered which led to the death of a number of them, they however learnt their lessons. They learnt to rely solely on God and they also learnt God always keeps His promises no matter what happens.
Jesus loves us too much to leave us in our miseries but even when it looks like He is faraway, He is close. It is like tough love. Trials make us grow. Even as kids, our parents had to deprive us of some things to make some lessons stick. Hold on to your faith even when 2+2 seems to be 0.You are not on your own. Feed yourself with the word of God and keep your hope alive. Pray to God for the patience to wait for the manifestation of His word in your life.
When next, you are in a fix and it feels like all hope is gone, remind yourself of God’s love and embrace the growth that comes with every trial. You are never left alone. Just be patient, the light at the end of the tunnel is so bright it is almost  blinding.


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