Friday, February 13, 2015

Things To Do To Avoid Office Romance

“It is hard to move on, how do I explain this? Ok, it all started as a joke. The flirts were meaningless, come on, he knew I was married. He passed comments about every new thing I wore or did. He seemed to notice me in a way that delights me. I felt seen and heard. Subconsciously, his opinions started to matter to me. I would wear my hair in a bun because I have come to realize he loved it. I stayed back for a little while after work so we could grab a couple of drinks or just talk about nothing. I love how he listens and thinks I am the best thing that happened to planet earth. He sure knows how to listen. I love my husband. God knows I do but this attention Kola, my colleague, gives me is something I am missing at home.”

“She is all I want my wife to be. Smart and sexy. Nobody could have guessed she’s in her late 30s. I didn't even know she had three kids already. This lady exudes perfection. Her nails and hair always well done. She is on top of her game. I love watching her walk down the hall replicating the walk of a beauty queen. The kiss wasn't planned but it happened at the end of year party. Since then I have not been able to stop. I think I love my wife but Chichi makes me feel like a real man.”
Many homes have been broken as a result of romance that started from the office. It always starts with a thought that wasn't checked. I am not writing in the general term of office romance. I am writing in relation to married people.
Most people spend the better part of their days at work. If you stay in a very busy town, it is even worse because it means getting up very early and getting back home late. If one is not careful,one can find oneself in an affair that may ruin many lives including the ones of those involved. Distrust is such a terrible seed that once sown is very hard to uproot. To avoid getting into a fix, bear the following in mind;

  •  You need to be very conscious as to how close a colleague is allowed to get. It always starts with a harmless chatter then feelings become involved. I have seen homes get broken because of the indiscretion of one partner. You need to draw lines when relating with people outside your marriage. You cant seek attention outside because you are not getting enough at home, it is just wrong.

  • If you think your husband is not giving you the attention you need, then let him know. Don’t tell your male colleague all about his inadequacies. If you need a therapy, book a session with a psychologist or see your church counsellor. Don’t give room for pity that might lead to something else you might not be able to handle.

  • Most people are at their best behavior at work. Stop making comparisons. Work on whatever issue you might have with your partner. Who told you that well-mannered and smart lady doesn't lose it at home. You should know better than to think her body is as great as it is under those clothes. Don’t give way for lust.

Wherever you find yourself, remember love thrives on trust and selflessness. Don’t allow those selfish spontaneous moments of indiscretion ruin your total happiness. Stop looking for happiness in the wrong places. If you have issues with your partner, fix it. Nobody is perfect. There is always going to be someone out there better than your spouse but there is nobody like them. Hush those ungodly voices in your head and have some self control.


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  1. Lovely post and all the points are oh so true. May God help us. Amen


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