Thursday, February 19, 2015

For Your Online Sanity: Rules To Live By

Are there times you feel like you didn’t miss much from not seeing your friends even though you haven’t seen some of them in years because all the updates you need on their lives are just clicks away. Well, that’s not surprising because the majority of us live online now. You measure your popularity by how many likes your picture gets and it is so easy to create the perfect life by posting the pictures of the beautiful moments in your life. Premised on these, it is absolutely necessary to bear in mind the following things in order to stay guided.

Image result for online rulesNot all that glitters is gold: Don’t be too hard on yourself because of all the beautiful smiles you see in the thousands of pictures you stalk. Everyone has their own baggage. Some are just better concealed than others. Don’t be envious of the lives you suppose others are living. Not everything is at it seems. Take a deep breath and remind yourself we all are humans.

Stop being so open and dramatic: Online friends are not all well-wishers. Not everyone deserves a front row in your life.That front row seat is what you offer whenever you put all your business out there. So what if  you have a misunderstanding with your partner. Do you think the wise thing to do is dish out details on your page? Well, watch as people grab their popcorns and drinks enjoying the story of your life dotted with giggles laughter, sarcastic remarks and sometimes mean comments. If you are so heartbroken, speak to a close friend, therapist or simply kneel down and pray. There are just so many other ways of dealing with one’s personal issues than posting every little detail online.

Be Cautious: it might really look like it is only your 10 followers that are likely to see your posts but bear in mind your friend’s friend friend that knows another friend who knows another friend. You need to be mindful of the information you are sharing. A girl lost a job she just got even before she resumed because she tweeted about not being excited about the job. The owner of the business saw it and told her not to bother resuming. You can’t control how far what you post goes, so think things over before posting.

Be sensitive: your comments might be the reason why another committed suicide. That person you called ugly got so depressed and wouldn’t come out of herself again. Don’t be the reason why another person is thrown into eternal misery. Be sensitive please.

Live by these rules and you are sure to have a healthy live online. Just Bear in mind that your words shape other people’s lives. Stay in your lane, don’t go running wild because you feel shaded and protected behind your keypads . Being well mannered is key. There are lots of opportunities to be tapped from the million friendly strangers you might encounter. It’s all fun and games really, just don’t get carried away.

Stay blessed.

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